Passenger gives a huge shout out to our amazing team in #YHZ

This passenger gives a huge shout out to our amazing team in #YHZ .

Good Evening, Please note that this feedback is long, but I would really appreciate your taking the time to read its entirety. I wanted to take a moment to write to Swoop airlines about the exceptional customer service I received before, during and after my recent return flight from Hamilton, ON to Halifax NS. If you could please ensure my feedback reaches your flight attendants and check-in crews, I would greatly appreciate it as I am very thankful for all of them. I flew to Halifax NS on Tuesday September 11th at 6:30AM from Hamilton. I had been waiting months for this flight, as it was the first time I had the opportunity to take my new lungs on an airplane. Travelling has always been my biggest passion, and following my diagnosis of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (a progressive and fatal lung disease) in early 2016, my biggest fear was that I’d never be able to fly again. At 28 years old, I could not comprehend why I was faced with an illness that would eventually cause my lungs to fail, especially since I’d been previously healthy and active my entire life. I became dependent on supplemental oxygen shortly after my diagnosis, and as the doctors predicted, my lungs failed me earlier this year. A double lung transplant was my only hope for survival as I rapidly deteriorated. That beautiful gift of life came in the form of two prestine lungs this past spring, although not without complications. After crashing several times due to infections, rejection and cardiac troubles, I landed on life support shortly after my operation. The only reason I hung on was due to the hope of getting to the ocean again which is my favourite place in the entire world. I corresponded day and night with a friend in Nova Scotia via text, desperately hoping that I’d get the chance to see her and her family just once more. I made a promise to myself that if I was lucky enough to survive the complications of my lung transplant, I’d get strong enough to go visit that friend in person to thank her for never, ever letting me give up even when things became excruciatingly difficult. I had to relearn how to walk, my fine and gross motor skills were significantly impacted after having a stroke due to the post-transplant medications and learning to breathe with someone else’s lungs in my chest cavity was extremely challenging. Even 6 months later, I still suffer with weakness and instability due to balance problems. This is where your staff stepped in and made my trip, the one I literally chose to survive for, possible last week and I am so very thankful. From a smooth check in, and getting my portable oxygen concentrator approved to helping me walk up the ramp, using their arm for balance; I was only able to successfully fly to see my friend because of the Swoop staff working that day. My service from check in, to inflight support and even after I landed in Halifax was superb, and not once did anyone from your team hesitate to assist me. My experience was the same when I returned home from Halifax to Hamilton on Sunday, September 16th. Not only was I physically supported, but I was emotionally comforted as well as I boarded the plane in tears after leaving the friend behind who helped me survive the hardest months of my life. While your staff may be unaware of the impact their work has had on me, I feel it necessary to bring it to their attention and say thank you. Their kindness, compassion and willingness to help when they had no idea that just 6 short months ago I’d been fighting for my life with a hope to travel just once more, has made a Swoop flyer out of me! I have also shared my experience with many on social media, and told all my friends and family about Swoop for their future travel plans. Please excuse this long-winded feedback, but I am just so grateful and I do hope this reaches the appropriate staff. Keep up the incredible work, and I cannot wait to fly Swoop again. I have been given a second chance at life, quite literally and I have no intention on wasting it now that I know I can fly while feeling comfortable and supported with Swoop. With much appreciation ~Vicki