Our Safety Mission

As a promise to our customers, employees, vendors and contractors, Strategic Aviation Services Ltd pledges to ensure safety remains our highest priority.

Our commitment to safety is accomplished in a number of ways, including:

Promotion of Health and Safety Awareness

Proactive Hazard Identification and Assessment

Reduction of Lost Time Injuries

Continuous Improvement and Process Revision

A promise to our employees that they will not receive disciplinary action for reporting a Health and Safety concern, except in the rare event a willfully negligent or criminal act has been committed.

Safety Management System

To complement our proactive safety review practices, all operations are linked to the Intelex Safety Management System (SMS). This system allows safety incidents, near misses and safety concerns to be reported in a timely manner, followed by a defined process involving investigative and corrective action.

Joint Health and Safety

Scheduled Joint Health and Safety meetings are held at all functioning worksites on a monthly basis. Operational processes and safety procedures are discussed with the active involvement of all employee and employer representatives. All recommendations are recorded and brought forward to the Health and Safety Board and Senior Management. Any necessary corrective actions are returned to the Joint Health and Safety Committee for approval and implementation.

Quality Assurance

Recurring safety audits are conducted on all operations by members of the Joint Health and Safety Committee, the Health and Safety Board, Senior Management and external agencies. Following each audit, a corrective action plan is prepared, if required. Any deficiencies are rectified with the involvement of the Joint Health and Safety Committee, the Health and Safety Board, Senior Management, any necessary external resources and key employees. The entire Health and Safety program is reviewed on a regular basis to ensure all mandates and procedures are current. Our goal is to develop a level of safety that is industry-leading.

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